Brochure Group 2 Forth

2520 S. Hwy. 17 ~ Unit 4

Murrells Inlet, SC  29576



Monday ~ Saturday

11 am ~ 4 pm

My Little Teacup Tea Room And Bakery


Our Grand Opening was on February 5th, 2018.  I have always wanted to own a Tea Room because I love serving people and I love seeing a smile on their face.  I have been baking for over 15 years and counting.  I just love bringing what you love the most to life and doing it in a way that it will be enjoyed.  I use to live in NJ and have never done anything like this or owned a restaurant before this.  I have always done baking and entertained guest by displaying baked goods and meals. I first discovered my love for baking when I was in culinary school for cooking but instead fell in love with the decorating, baking and every aspect of it, I totally saw myself doing some baking.  I do baking for everybody, I don't discriminate or tell you no.  I have done all sorts of cakes for every and any occasion as well as make a HUGE serving tray with assorted mini desserts.  We cater to everyone, we want everyone to enjoy the food and desserts we have, besides, were more than food...we're an experience.  The bakery and Tea Room are in itself one in the same, the Tea Room is like a sanctuary for our customer.  They come in to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet without having to rush back to their everyday life.  The bakery is unique, were a more made to order bakery, although we don't have a full bakery display you can come in and place an order for your favorite cupcakes or cake.  I would have to say that the Afternoon Teas are the specialty of the house and our Quiche is the lunch specialty.  The two most popular items on the menu that get ordered the most to go is the chicken salad and the Quiche, we have to constantly keep those 2 items well stocked.  We love supporting small businesses and local growers, we do purchase fruit and vegetables from 2 local vendors...fresher is always better.  Since we have opened we have really not changed the menu, our customers love what we have, the only thing we have added was the BLT sandwich and it has been a hit.  Our customers are our extended family, we tell them the first time they are our guest, after that they are family and we strive to make our customers feel comfortable and have a wonderful time when they come in.  We have made it our priority of ours to pray for our customers everyday...we ask that God touches every single customer that comes through the doors.  Everyone needs prayer at some point or another, whether they say they do or don't, everyone can use a little prayer.  We have seen customers come in feeling not well or they have been going through a bad day, and when they leave they are feeling good and very happy.  That lets us know that the atmosphere that they were just in is conducive enough for them to be touched by God.  We find ourselves donating to local charities and a couple of churches, we really don't do anything for the recognition or to say we give, we do it because we love serving people and helping those that are in need.


Come by and relax and stay a while !!